Professional Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cutting at Express Wheel Repair

A diamond cut wheel is easily recognisable promoting a shiny bare metal effect on the wheel, increasingly popular nowadays is the combination of a painted colour surface, sitting alongside the bare metal.
The diamond cut finish on the coloured areas of the wheel is achieved by firstly painting the wheel with the desired colour and then using a diamond tipped cutter with the wheel in a lathe, removing a wafer thin layer from the surface of the alloy. The resulting are a highly glossed colour finish to compliment the bare metal highly polished finish of the wheel.
We can perform diamond cut finish to wheels of up to 28″ in diameter. Diamond cutting is sometimes referred to as diamond polishing due to the highly polished appearance of the finished wheel.

We offer our diamond cut only service from as little as £40.00 per wheel from our west Bromwich location.

Low Grinding

Using Diamond Cutting machines ensure that the wheel is targeted with a high grinding efficiency and low grinding force, avoiding the possibility of burns and cracks on the surface of the wheel during the cutting process.


Diamond cutting allows you to customise the look and appearance of your wheels. Diamond Cutting can be personalised to your specifications perfect for people wanting to add personality.


The advantage of diamond cutting is that it has extremely high dimensional accuracy & low surface roughness meaning the finished wheels are highly polished flawlessly smooth surfaces.

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Stage 1

Wheels are cleaned using specialist non aggressive wheel clean removing all dirt, grit and tar.

Stage 2

Tyres are removed on our special machine. The tyres and wheels are then marked with a unique code to make sure they are re-attached correctly.

Stage 3

Alloy Wheels are etched on the blasting machine removing any old lacquer and preparing the wheels for the following process.

Stage 4

The Alloy wheel is placed on the lathe, where it is probed from the center to the edge ensuring the cutting is precise.

Stage 5

The diamond cutting process starts Alloy wheel is placed on the lathe, where it is probed from the centre to the edge ensuring the cutting is precise.

Stage 6

The Alloy Wheels are lacquered with special diamond cut lacquer to protect the wheels against everyday wear and tear.

For more information on Diamond Cutting,
Please contact: 0121 389 8794 or 07438824514


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